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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rude People

And now deep thoughts

For those of you who hate your jobs. Here are some tips to help you get through your day.

1. Don't be mean to me because Heaven forbid I contact you to get things acomplished and now you

might have to do about 1/4th of what you are actually getting paid to do. Despite what you might think, I didn't wake up thinking of ways to ruin your day and actually I would rather not interact with you at all.

2. Did you know that your job is not the only one in the world and you could do something that is called apply for a different one? Here is how it works. It's kind of the same thing that you did right before you got that job that you go to every day and curse those that dare to speak to you. Except for this time you pick the job you want, one that won't cause you to sacrifice small animals at the end of the day and then apply.

3. I am not the one that hired you so don't blame me. I actually have some questions about that decision.

4. There are plenty of people without jobs in this economy right now, maybe you should spend just 4 hours with the ones that actually want to work and then see how much you hate what you do. I gaurantee sittin on your keister scowling at people and getting paid for it, is a heck of a lot better than pounding the streets applying for anything and everything while worrying whether or not you will have enough to pay your bills.

5. Did you know that pissing and moaning about it on a regular basis doesn't improve how you actually feel about being in the place where you will spend most of your life? On the contrary it will actually just make you appear pathetic. Try one thing for me. The next person that comes up and talks to you, smile and listen to what they need, then do it. See how they didn't call you a witch when they walked away? Felt good didn't it? All of your days could be like this :)

6. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, yours was over 364 days ago...move on

7. Did you know that probably over half the world doesn't actually click their heels togethor on the way out the door in the morning? This means the rest of us are probably just as miserable as you, we just do something called deal with it. No one is ever 100% happy all the time, we just realize it isn't the entire worlds fault we are pissy. We take it out in other ways like laugh at the person who tripped up the escalator or switch out the sugar for salt. You know the smaller things in life.

8. Final tip....if you git loud wit me, prepare for me to call SaCURRRRRity :)

So remember if I come to your drive through window, checkout lane, or dial your extension in customer service.....There is always the option of quitting? Because if you keep it up there is something you should know... I look nice and I might be nice most of the time....if you mess with my emotions and I am giving you my money, I will spit fire at your blankity blank blank

Have a nice day now :)

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