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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~My Day

Ok well this is my first blog, so let's see here goes.

It has been a pretty much average kind of day so far. The normal trials and tribulations persist, but for some reason today I am handling it fine...this is probably because the kids listened this morning so I have not used up my patience yet.

~Wake up- After weighing the odds of what I could do without to get more sleep (you would think it would be easier to just get up, instead of playing process of elimination) I decided I could forgo makeup and my hair could just use a light flat iron...good 10 minutes of snooze. All hell broke loose when the alarm went off again and I was still not ready to get out of bed, clumsily tripping to get to the alarm before I was fully alert I stubbed my toe, shoot! I had to think quick...I could do without making coffee and buy it at work sweet 5 more minutes of snooze. There is that sound again, Damn, ok I have to get up short of skipping a much needed shower and brushing my teeth I had already given all I could lose and needed to get a move on.

~ Morning routine- Both kids put on the clothes I picked out with minimal complaints and are not arguing at the breakfast table. Outlook for the day is up.

~Exit strategy- Boy wonder here is giving me attitude because he wants to wear some dirty, janky sweater that he has already worn instead of his jacket and will not listen to reason when I say no...use of excessive force? No need, in a fit of rage and whining he stomps back to his room to change after yelling at me how it matched his shoes and I am SO mean for making him change...yeah whatever sell that sob story to someone who cares. Mission accomplished. Both kids have now been successfully dropped off at said destinations and I am on my way.

Ok so even though I left 15 minutes earlier than usual to get to work, I was still late because of construction...Has anyone written a letter to the state yet? Just wondering because this is getting ridiculous. That's right I admit it...I'm a letter writer. I don't appreciate my tax dollars making me late to make more money that I eventually will have to give up in taxes's just a vicious cycle.

~Work- Seems to be ok today no irate personnel is good stuff. I still have to leave to endure an afternoon with the munchkin though. Today is my day to pick him up from school. Yesterday was a challenge. My usual excitement and happiness to see him lasts about 3-5 minutes, just long enoug for him to start in with the mouth. He spent most of the afternoon in his room uncleaning it. Today will probably be more of the same unless he chooses to get on board the cooperation ship and just pick up the 7 items that are littering his path. Knowing my sweet, fun loving, argumentative, stubborn, little bundle of testosterone I believe the decision will be to receive several time outs and cry about how he needs help picking up the small objects that should take only about 6 minutes to pick up. Judge is still out on that decision but I am almost certain this afternoon will be trying. That is just how he rolls and the sooner I accept it and find a strategy around it that works, the better my blood pressure will be. Wish me luck

Stay tuned


  1. HA HA! I love that you're doing this too now! YOu have to let more people know about it!

    My favorite parts are:

    "that's right I'm a letter-writer"

    "In his room UNCLEANING it" HA HA

    and "Get on board the cooperation ship"


  2. Thanks Nic :) you are my saving grace lol


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