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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Realizing YOU'RE the idiot

Ok so do you ever have those times where you are just shooting off your mouth about something only to realize you actually have it twisted and you are wrong? Story of my week ha ha ha.

So I am driving down the highway, and mind you this has been months in the making....In our great little area they have these roads that your tax dollars built, buuuuuut that was only a rental fee apparently because you also have to pay to drive on them every time you use them. Yes that is right, you somehow manage to continue to pay for them over and over and over and over and over and over and over again...get it never ending.

So yeah anyway I am getting upset because they are working on these roads that I seem to be paying a second mortgage for every time I drive down them ( I am not bitter at all about the charges for this, can you tell)? Now as these roads are being fixed they came up with the nifty idea of an express lane. I must say if they are going to screw us at least they thought of this one courtesy. See this lane works by allowing people that are going a further distance the option of getting in lane (which could stand to be widened, I'm just sayin) and driving without dealing with all of the off and on ramp traffic.

This is kind of a neat idea except those times when you miss your exit because you should have gotten out at the last exit since there isn't one for the road you need, so you end up going 10 miles down the road only to turn around and head back down the opposite direction. Of course not before getting robbed an extra time for your stupidity as you are utilizing another entrance which of course is worthy of another surcharge (everything has it's price right).

Anyway I am getting off track here, so for months and sadly there is no exaggeration here I am telling the truth. I do mean months, I have been entering the express lane through the same entrance now and I always felt it was a little awkward to get into. In my mind I cursed the ninnies who decided this is how it should be put together. I can just here myself in my head that was stupid, who thinks of these things, Some one flunked out of architec school, I hope this dummy was fired when he finished this project, and many other less clean grumbles but you get my drift.

I just happen to be talking on the phone one of these days as I am driving along. This guy is giving me trouble about getting in, and I am just goin to town on him, I mean really giving it to him. "Hey move over numb nuts, nobody cares about the rush that you're in, have some courtesy! What a blankity blank blank! Now oops I forgot to mention my mom is the person on the other end of the line. She about has a heart attack as she screams what?! I said oh sorry some jackwad is just trying to block other people from getting into the express lane, the nerve of some people. As this has happened now about 3 or 4 times where I am on the phone explaining to people the ignorant trash that is on our roadways and how rude they are just because they never want to let me in when I am trying to get in the express lane. No No the fact that this occurs on a regular basis was not a all the LEAST bit alarming to me. We continue on. This time I am talking to my sister an I am giving the whole we are the world speech you know, We all have to share this lane, that is so inconsiderate that people are like that, I can't believe he wouldn't just let me in and now he is yelling at me I am going to just pray for him cuz that's just ugly acting and I am not stooping to his level (this time).

Then for some reason probably about the 99th time that I had committed this offense, I get into yet another shouting match with myself being the only person that can hear me, but that jerk that cut me off is darn sure seeing my hand gestures, when suddenly.......... a light bulb goes off................Waiiiiittt......OHhhhhhhh this is only for exits! lol No wonder it was so hard to get in here and everyone was so pissed at me!

......yup it's official, I'm the idiot

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