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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Balanced MPU

At what point does one receive the magic calculation to the perfect balance in life? Work, kids, marriage, kids, house, kids, kids kids kids, school, kids, myself? How does this all work out? When do we get the much needed "me/mommy" time? I sure hope the answer is not what it appears to be =NEVER!

I find myself having a good run where all things seem to be going along smooth sailing, "You need a costume for school? Sure no problem I will whip that up right now in my 6 inch heels, Here is a tasty low calorie healthy dinner family...;)Enjoy, I am going to hit the treadmill for about an hour in my pearls love you guys". All is well Donna Reid and Betty Crocker have converged to create MEGA MOM, I am able to get done all that I need to without spazzing out. Then out of nowhere that worm virus downloads itself into my well though out plan and one kink gets thrown in the system and suddenly all goes awry. It's like I love Lucy in the chocolate factory, I am constantly eating the chocolates to try and catch up (have you seen my hips lately?) when there appears to be no end in sight with zero time not only for what I want to do but, not a spare moment to get anything done. Immersed in the woman windows mainframe I begin to spin with any and every emotion one could ever experience. Then suddenly after my mother mainframes issues a message of sytems overload which usually means I break down in tears for at least a 3 day "maintenance run" I am able to get back on track. Frankly I would like to skip the whole tears and frustration scenario and just find a system that works! I want time to work out, time go out with my husband, time to do my homework, and time to be the awesome mom that bakes cookies and sews clothing without breaking a sweat. Who do I contact about taking notes on this because the time that I currently have in a day is simply not enough. I have tried dropping the things that are considered less important but they always stay there in the back of my mind as important things that aren't on my list of things to do. I wish there was some Excel Formula that I could use to make it all ok. Moms+to do list-freakout+perfection+additional time=sum of Nirvana. Anyone got something like that? I thought not, I will keep searching and let you know when I figure it out.

Had somewhat of a productive weekend. Made time for the kids to do "fun" stuff like play outside and go to the fair. Got homework done, you know I just cancelled that whole sleep thing that a normal person gets about 8-10 hours, I felt 4 was sufficient, walking zombies are more productive than you think. I Made a couple of dresses for life force sucker #1 codename princess, and a costume for life force sucker #2 codename difficult who has an Alphabet party at school, of course that meant turkey dogs for dinner in order to get the Mother's day shopping and a load of laundry done. In the back of my mind though I just kept thinking things have been flowing too well which of course just means that there is the forefront of a storm brewing in with a new breakdown sure to rear it's premenstrual, overworked, overloaded head. Spewing dirty dishes, a tornado of dirty clothes, and tears on the horizon...I can feel it. oh yes I feel it coming.

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  1. Liz you have such a great talent for writing - LOVE THIS!!!


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