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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Riding in Cars with Coats on

Well hello all Happy New Year. Yup those little crazies are at it again. I am just going to go ahead and ask a few questions today if you don't mind. Well because quite frankly I'm puzzled.

Can I ask WHY is it that kids who have lived in Wisconsin ALL their lives just walk around like they live in FL or something? I am so tired of saying zip up your coats that even I want to roll my eyes at me when I hear it, I mean come on. Why do you think zippers were put on coats? I can tell you it wasn't for style purposes, it is to keep the cold air out of the coat you should have on your back and not in your bag.

WHY is it the day after a snowstorm my children are wearing shoes....where are your boots? Did you seriously just ask me to pull the car up to the door because you don't want snow in your SHOES? Oh here's a thought, when there is a blizzard maybe try putting those water proof things on that are made for snow that you carry around in your book bag thinking that will stop my nagging (it won't). No the directions were not to grab your boots and bring them with you, maybe you got confused. Directions were "Put your boots on". Nope even reading it I can see clearly that those don't sound the same so not quite sure how you got it mixed up. Now get out of my car and slosh through the snow in your shoes which I am making a mental note to make you wipe down later since they will be just wrecked from the snow.

WHY are your hands cold and why do you think I am your driver that opens your doors? I am not doing all the heavy lifting because I actually took the time to put my gloves on. Here's a thought, whip them out of your pockets and put them on your hands and yours will be just as warm. I don't care that they don't match, your quota of gloves has been met for the winter after the 4th pair I wasted my money on. WHY are you still standing outside the car staring at me through the window shivering and crying like can you open my door? No, I can't gloves are to keep your hands warm not your pockets warm put them on. It's nice and toasty in here I would hurry.

Last but not least, WHY oh WHY should I waste my gas warming up the car so you can be warm in your summer gear? If you thought not wearing the things that I wasted my hard earned money on to keep you warm didn't make sense, neither did leaving them at school for the next day, unless of course you warp there every morning. Oh wait it's not 2025 and you aren't magical so that doesn't happen bring them home every night.

In the spirit of I'm tired of repeating myself as if I work in a winter gear fast food drive through, "Would you like a scarf with that"? I have come up with the idea of conditioning. You come out of the house prepared for winter, stellar 2 thumbs up you get a warm car with the windows up. You don't, who cares about autostart and the windows go down. Brings a whole new meaning to the words zero below doesn't it. Note this is only phase one, you don't learn from that mistake I will start dropping people off a block away from home and driving beside you warm and toasty (in my heated car and gloves and boots) as you trek through the snow in your flip flops and hoodies. Last time I checked UGG didn't make flip flops and you don't own a NorthFace hoodie so I would bundle up.

So the next time you want to waste your time watching me put on layer after layer of clothing and all the warm works while you are annoyingly fighting with the other one, or trying to get that last level beat in the few seconds before we walk out the door these will be the only words that you will hear....See if you can kind of roll your fingers up into a ball as you walk and blow on them that helps. If they start to turn black I would be worried.


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