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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Midnight Mommy

You know when writing down the list of things I love, getting woken up in the middle of the night several times is right up there at the top. Probably somewhere in between blindly stepping on a toy in the dark on my way to the bathroom and getting thrown up on as I'm eating dinner. Both good times, let me tell you.

So now that you know how I feel about it you can pretty much imagine how my night went. I think that my children however missed that memo about my likes and dislikes. The evening started somewhere around midnight when James decided to shake me awake to tell me he wasn't comfortable....I am pretty sure you can get comfortable without making the announcement but gee thanks for making sure I stay informed. Next he woke me up because dad was snoring and he wanted to know if I wanted him to shake him and tell him to stop...nope I wasn't bothered by it because I was ASLEEEP. At about 1:30 he persisted in talking to himself since he couldn't sleep. Listen a good bedtime story starts before the person is actually asleep just so you are aware son. I mean I love random thoughts as much as the next guy but not so much when they are doing the opposite of putting me to sleep so if you are that awake make your way to your own bed. At about 3:00 he asked me if he could watch cartoons because he couldn't sleep, evidently I can't either according to him. I said no because at 6 a.m. you will think differently about that option now lay down, quit making weird noises, telling me stories, singing me songs, shaking me, rolling over, sniffling, calling my name, poking at my face to see if I am awake, well basically EVERYTHING you have been doing for the last hour or go in your own bed. I think he's got the message but no, he gets up to go to the bathroom and makes it to the hallway before coming back to wake me up and ask me if I hear that tapping noise. Let's see again NO because again I was SLEEPING.

He says oh and heads back to the door, then whips around and tip toes back to tell me he is scared because it's dark. I groan and say why would you waste your time tip toeing if you are going to wake me up anyway? Turn on a light and go. Apparently that was a revelation he must not have known we had lights because that fixes the problem he goes and returns and actually goes to sleep or so I thought. 3:45 I hear the pitter patter of feet, great I think to myself. I roll over half asleep thinking she will just lie down. He is evidently still awake and decides to announce his sister is now in the room. WHY ARE YOU KIDS AWAKE I wan to scream!!!!!!!!! She comes in and persists to whine about how there is no room. I said I am sure their is plenty IN YOUR OWN BED! I also decide since she is awake now is a good time to send her to the bathroom, I want my bed dry but boy am I tired of waiting around to go back to sleep making sure she isn't in there making a swimming pool in my bathroom sink. She returns and finally lays down quietly or so I had hoped. She also has something to say about daddy's snoring. I tell her I am sure you couldn't hear it from your own bed. She gets the message but then says out loud to no one in particular boy I wish people could scoot over. I say out loud to myself, boy I wish people would stop complaining when this isn't their bedroom. Especially because besides the fact that there are now 2 of these things that just doesn't belong here in this bed you both decided to bring parting gifts from your room. Stuffed animals, special pillows etc are not considered family, they are not invited next time. After this she rolls around a few more times whimpers again about daddy's snoring then falls asleep. It's about 4:30 Well would you look at that everyone is now snoring...Everyone but me, I am now wide awake for some reason. I fought the strong urge to jump up and start doing somersaults on the bed while singing Walking on Sunshine at the top of my lungs just to put the shoe on the other foot. Thinking about how I would then have to deal with the people I woke up I decided it was best to not seek revenge at this time. So I folded my arms over my chest and stuck my legs out straight since I now had now room and politely laid my head on the mattress since my pillows were taken. I finally fell asleep about 45 minutes before my alarm went off. Needless to say when all guilty parties woke up this morning with stars shining in their eyes I explained that EVERYONE should strongly consider sleeping in their own bed tonight (and by strongly consider, I mean my door will be locked) Don't get me wrong I believe in the family bed, but only when the family in the bed is actually SLEEPING! Today will require lots of coffee.

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