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Monday, November 16, 2015


The horseplay ensued with giggles. On and on. Even as I reminded them I've asked them to stop twice now. As I reached my limit and contemplated a surprise pop up and punish, it went the way I knew it was destined to go. Something broken, someone in tears, or an argument. I heard a bump and a bang a few stops and then a Heeeey! The oldest quickly ran out yelling she sprayed me with chemicals! She put bathroom cleaner on me. She tried to yell over him and he hit me with the broom! I sat quiet. He complained you aren't going to punish her that's dangerous.
I just sat. Stared. Thinking. Then I turned and gave that crazy look which is happy delirium mixed with danger sprinkled with a little bit of nonchalance. Both parties suddenly cared a whole lot less. The closing arguments came to a halt. They suddenly realized the tornado was about to drop a house on them. I think the boy may have even considered applying more spic and span and calling it his new signature scent. The girl weighing whether the hit with the broom was perhaps a good dose of physical therapy. Backing down the hall they think they're safe since they "stopped" wasting my time with the argument. Oh no, its not that easy. I let them think they won. Television is done and bedtime is on it's own day light savings time schedule because it's sprung ahead several hours. I know I fought about "her still looking at me" or "he's been in my room I just know it".....but I still can't justify it. Karma is real so I guess I'll chalk it up to payback. That and pray that one day.  At least one time. They will be brought this same exact argument only after running errands, 4 hours of sleep, and at least double the number of kids. Also starting much earlier in the day. You know because we wouldn't want them pulling the same early bedtime rip cord. What? If they use the same exact punishment, then it's like I've done all the work for them? 

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