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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whose idea was that?

Ok so I know I have talked about bathrooms before but I had to take it back. I want the name right now of the person that designed bathroom stalls. I need to ask that person immediately why do they all have those stupid openings on the side? I mean when you put up a wall and a door it's for privacy right...well privacy does not include huge slats on the side of the door for people to watch me while I do my do. Now I know some of you reading this are thinking I NEVER look in those...LIE! I sit there uncomfortable every time I hear the door and pray that no one walks far enough down to pass my stall. I know they are going to act like they are not looking but I see you and your eyes peering at me as you rush past faking nonchalance. Why do you even look? What is that for? Are you making sure I am ok, are you getting a cheap thrill, or are you just that nosey that you don't care but you can't NOT look? You know what, I am going to bring a cup to keep outside the door and start charging for peeps every time I go in there now. Might as well be worth something.

My second revelation is of course about no one else but those minis in my mansion. I swear they are clueless sometimes about how they will treat each other the very same way they don't want to be treated without a second thought.

Scene: Bathroom early morning rush
Lights: Dawn breaking through the drapes
Sounds: Water running and of course whining...

The little lady is in her room as I am relaying her schedule for the day and picking out her clothes like her personal assistant. As if she somehow missed the fact that I was talking to her even though she was the only other person in the room, she turns and walks out. I say where are you going? She says I have to go to the bathroom. I explain ok but your brother is in the shower so knock first and then go ahead and go but don't flush. Oh and don't touch the curtain!

Actual event that took place: She knocks on the door, he says who is it? She says me I have to go potty. He YELLS NO! I'm in the shower!

?? Now you know what is happening, self is talking to me to make sure we both were on the same page. I said yes self I know this is the exact scenario that occurs when I am in the shower but he doesn't have a problem with it then as he poops when I can't get away from the smell and then flushes showering me with cold water does he? Self said Heck NO he doesn't! I finish up the conversation and yell LET HER IN or you will be cleaning up her accident! He says fine. I wait until all parties are relieved and clothed before we do a replay of that scene. I swear I saw the actual light bulb go off as I explained. I said EVERY TIME I am in the bathroom don't one of you knock on the door? They said yes, I said and EVERY TIME don't I let whoever it is in to do whatever they need to do? Yes they say. Uh huh so why is it in the house that I pay the bills on do I not get privacy but an 8 year old expects no interruptions in a house with 4 people and 1 bathroom I ask. The answer was of course their favorite of all time after they get the moral of the story and think it's entertaining they just laughed at me. Damn kids lol

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