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Friday, September 16, 2011

Love those crazy kids

So I find it funny that the same people that can drive you crazy are the ones that can also make you smile the most. I know I am usually over those kids when I post on here but today I am a little on the softer side. Oh don't get me wrong I'm sure they will prove me wrong this afternoon (I give it 10 minutes, they work fast) and take me back to the other side but just thought I would share a little love too.

There have been sooooo many changes and things lately, lots of stress and hard times but somehow by the grace of God we are all in one piece. I attribute that to love and laughter and of course the power of prayer. Isn't it interesting how complex the love of a parent is? Those very same children who you swear you want to drive to the nearest fire house and leave by the curb just to prove a point; raise your blood pressure and then have you crying with laughter a second later. I find myself awed at the whiplash of emotions they give me sometimes. Just yesterday they were on my list of course (they live there most days to be honest) and then about 10 minutes after they were asleep I was in there watching them and smiling?? Talk about Stockholm syndrome at it's finest. It's almost as if they have been sent here by God to give your emotions a work out or something. Ok good let's see happy, now can you do angry, for me good good and now sad....this is not a photo shoot it's my life kids.

 I know many of you can identify with were I am coming from but for those that can't allow me to list examples.

Why is it every and I do mean EVERY time we go in the store they want to make me mad? No really honestly I know you may think ohh they wouldn't do that. They absolutely would and do every time.

And I WILL mess up on sight those people in the parenting magazines that say set limits before you go in, don't take them to the stores etc. etc. Unless you are coming to babysit for free so I can go to the store alone...SHUT UP!  Set limits you say? I don't know how many limits I have to set before going in, because i'm sick of the talk so I know they gotta be. We aren't going to touch anything I want you to stay right next to me, this is not a playground and so on and so forth, see I'm even tired of hearing me say it. Aside from handcuffing them like they are on the chain gang and dragging them shackled through the store (oooh that's a good mental picture, ok I digress) I don't see a way not to be on 10 every time I have to take them in any store. They don't, home improvement, clothing, they don't discriminate all stores are like kryptonite to good behavior. They must be allergic to to them or something because for some reason they get inside and upon immediate entrance of those automatic doors every instruction I just gave is now cloudy.

They start running around, touching everything, talking to everyone, asking me for the entire stock of whatever their eyes can take in (even polydent...what are you going to do with that, you clearly don't know what it is and have just resolved to ask for everything put it down before I glue you to the cart with it!!).
The vicious cycle beings I give the look they apologize about a million times in between the roller coaster of sorry/ooo can i have, toss in a few tears, a couple I'm not going to ask agains, and I'm leaving you here showdowns and scene. The lights go down on one exhausted pissed off mother, two guilty kids, and the unwanted desire to do it all over again knowing it's definitely going to happen on the next shopping trip.

Even through all of this there are times when I am so mad but then in the inside they make me laugh (can't show weakness it means you lose, so they can't know it's a little funny) When they are trying to help me find detergent and I say for the 80th time through gritted teeth and a migraine thank you but please just point and don't pick things up, and then two seconds later here comes the five year old dragging a 10lb bottle of dish soap..........I want to scream but on the inside (and it could be that I have just gone insane by now) I am laughing at the fact that it's dish soap and not laundry detergent and at the fact that she is so little trying to carry this huge bottle. To be honest I think it's a form of protection that God built in. Fearing for their lives the rage automatically turns to amusement at the drop of a hat so we don't eat our young.

I also find it a little amusing that after putting up with the grocery store trip from Hades, I can leave their presence and then all of a sudden forget about the trauma they have just inflicted on me the minute I walk in and they run and hug me. I am sure it is all part of their devious little plan to break me but they are good at it. From Anger, to adoration, from annoyance, to amazing, from agonizing, to awesome, and aggravation, to angelic children and parenthood truly are the worlds greatest mysteries. It's certainly not for the weak :)

So hug them after you ground them today parents, life is too short.
Happy Friday!

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